NCBC Membership Rules.

NCBC Rules of Membership

1.            North Cliff Boat Club for the purpose of this document shall hereafter be called ‘The Club’ or referred to as NCBC.

2.            OBJECT

2.1          The object of the Club is to promote the social and recreational welfare of its Members especially in connection with sailing, power boating and fishing.  Other water sports will be assessed by the Committee and at their discretion be sanctioned for any Member to participate in whilst at the club.

3.            CONSTITUTION

3.1          The Club is a Members Club and elected Members, known as the Committee, conduct the management of the Club.  The Committee will administer Club business subject to the Club Membership rules.

3.2          The Club’s premises shall be situated partly on the land formerly of Eastfield Farm, Hornsea and the newly acquired strip of land situated to the west.

3.3          Members of the Club shall remain in Membership as long as the mandatory new land purchase levy, annual membership subscription, caravan pitch, concrete berth, electric installation charge and locker fees are paid in full. This is the only financial liability any Member shall have to the Club. These fees will be determined by Members and Committee at the Annual General Meeting, hereafter to be known as the AGM.

4.            MEMBERSHIP

4.1          Each candidate wishing to apply for membership of the Club is required to complete the Club’s official application form, available from the Secretary of the Club. On completion of the form it is then passed to the Committee and particulars of the applicant will be discussed at the next Committee meeting as to the candidate’s acceptance or rejection. A list of candidate’s names wishing to gain membership will be posted in the clubhouse on a notice board for a period of one month.  Each candidate for admission as a new Member shall be accepted for a probationary period of twelve months: the candidate’s membership will then be reviewed and accepted as full membership. All new members shall be issued with a membership book containing a copy of the current Club rules.

4.2          Membership shall be open to persons of either sex of 16 or over.  The consent of the parents or guardian in writing must be obtained in respect of members under the age of 18 years of age.

4.3          Members wives/partners and children under the age of 16 are permitted to participate in the activities of the Club and use the amenities, but as to any business that may occur within the Club, they have no accountable vote.

4.4          Guests and relatives of the Members, other than wives/partners, and children over the age of 16 years repeatedly visiting the Club and using the facilities and amenities (including going out with members on boats etc more than three times) must become Members or cease to use the boating facilities of the Club

4.5          All Members have to abide by the Rules of the Club and the Club accepts no liability in respect of accidents causing death, injury or damage caused to Members’ families, guests, or in respect of any property belonging to any person whatsoever. Members in breach of the club rules may have their membership terminated.

4.6        There will be no reduced subscriptions for new Members joining partway through a season.

4.7        The Committee shall at each AGM put forward their recommended level of subscriptions and fees for the ensuing year, acceptance of which is to be a simple majority vote of all Members present at the AGM.   Subscriptions shall become due and payable after the AGM each year and membership automatically cease if they are not paid by April 1st, unless special arrangements have been made to the Committee.

4.8         It is a condition of membership that at least two working days are completed ‘free gratis’ during the working weekends period.  Any Member unable to meet with this requirement must give valid reasons as to their unavailability in writing to the Committee, and must complete a minimum of two working days as soon as possible at the discretion of the Committee.   Any Member not completing two working days in the agreed time will have their membership terminated.  Any ex-Member re-joining the following season will then be treated as a new Member.

4.9         Any Member who has not paid subscriptions by April 1st will, at the discretion of the Committee, be charged a storage fee of £50 per month if their boat is left in the compound (this fee is not refundable) plus £50 per month if their caravan is left on the site (this fee is not refundable), unless special arrangements have been made with the Committee.   Storage of these items will be for a period of two months.  After this the lapsed Member will be asked to remove their caravan and boat off the premises once storage fees have been paid, and membership will be terminated.

4.10      Any Member requiring a locker or caravan site must have been a full Member of the Club for a minimum of twelve months.

4.11      Diving Clubs wishing to become Members shall pay an annual fee per boat plus crew Members’ fees depending on the capacity of the boat, which will be transferable from Member to Member of the diving Club. These fees will be determined at the time of request for membership.

4.12      Unpaid fees and subscriptions are deemed to be debts due to the Club until paid in full.

4.13      New land purchase levy – is deemed to be a one-off payment of £250.00 due from all new accepted Members age 18 years and over plus their membership subscription. The levy will be   added to the membership subscriptions from younger Members who have reached the age of 18 years since the last time they paid their subscriptions.  This levy is non-refundable.

4.14      A Member may resign their membership at any time in writing to the Committee Secretary.      No membership subscriptions shall be refundable.

5.            TRUSTEES

5.1        Trustees shall be four in number and shall be appointed from time to time as necessary by the Members of the Club in a General Meeting.  A Trustee shall hold office during their life until their resignation in writing to the Secretary or until a resolution removing them from office has been passed by two thirds majority of those present and voting at a General Meeting.

5.2.     All the property of the Club of whatsoever nature shall be vested in the Trustees for the time being, to be held in trust in their names for the use and benefit of the Club as a whole.    On the death, resignation or removal from office of a Trustee, the Committee shall take steps to secure the appointment by the Club of a new Trustee in their place and as soon as possible thereafter, take all lawful and practicable steps to procure the vesting of all Club property into the names of the Trustees as constituted after the said appointment.

5.3        The Trustees shall at all times and in all respect act in regard to the property of the Club held by them in accordance with the directions of the Committee; but no purchaser, lessee or mortgagee   or other successor in title shall be concerned to enquire whether any such direction has been given.

5.4        Trustees   have the right to attend and participate in both Committee and General Meetings but do not have the power of a vote on any issues relating to Club business.

6.          OFFICERS

6.1         The   Committee shall consist of a minimum of eleven Members, but not exceeding 13. All officers shall be elected at the AGM of the Club by the Members.

6.2        Members wishing to stand for election for positions on the Committee must be 21 years of age or older on the day of election and apply in writing to the Secretary prior to the AGM and must supply a current DBS check.  The candidate must attend the AGM or send a written reason for absence to the Secretary prior to the AGM.  If the reason is acceptable to all Members present, then nomination for re-election or election will be accepted.

6.3        Members must have held their membership for a period of two full years from the date of joining the Club before they can stand for Committee.

7.           MANAGEMENT

7.1          The Club will be managed by the Chairman, the Secretary, the Treasurer and the President and up to nine additional Members known as ‘The Committee’. The Committee will have been voted into service by Members’ ballot at the AGM.

7.2       The affairs of the Club shall be managed by the Committee, whose duties shall be to supervise the affairs of the Club and decide matters of policy.

7.3        All Members of the Committee shall be elected to hold office for two years. The Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and President shall be elected to hold office for two years (2/2, staggered) and the nine other Members for two years (4/5, staggered) elected annually.  (This staggered arrangement is to safeguard Committee policy and affairs and prevent a completely new Committee being voted on.)   The Committee shall fill casual vacancies caused by resignation, death or a Member ceasing to be a Member.     Such person shall be subject to retirement and re-election in a manner as if he/she had been elected at the AGM.

7.4        Members who unsuccessfully stand for an Officer’s position on the Committee are still eligible to stand for the general Committee.

7 .5        The quorum of Members of the Committee for a meeting of the Committee shall be one   half of the Members of the Committee. The Committee must meet at least once a month throughout the year at a date and time mutually agreed, to arrange the affairs of the Club and may meet at other times as it determines.

7.6        Any   Committee Member absent from three consecutive meetings of the Committee shall be liable to forfeit the post to which he or she has been elected at the discretion of the Committee.

7.7        On special occasions the Committee shall have the power to charge entrance fees to Members, to charge for entrance to the Club premises for a special function.  The Committee shall have the- power to reserve the ground and Club premises at its discretion.

7.8      The Committee may introduce bylaws to deal with circumstances not directly covered by these Rules.  Such bylaws shall be posted on the notice board within the Club premises and shall be binding to all Members.


8.1        No one may at any time receive at the expense of the Club or any Member of the Club any commission percentage or similar payment or with reference to purchases of intoxicating liquor by the Club.

8.2        No-one may directly or indirectly derive any pecuniary benefit from the supply of intoxicating liquor by or on behalf of the Club to Members or guests apart from any benefit accruing to the Club as a whole and apart also from any benefit which a person derives indirectly by reason of the supply giving rise to or contributing to a general gain from the carrying on of the Club.

8.3       The purchase and supply of intoxicating liquor shall be under the control of the Committee as a whole.


9.1      The permitted hours for the supply of intoxicating liquor are the general licensing hours for the licensing district in which the Club is situated as provided by the Licensing Act 1964 Section 60(5) and may be varied from time to time by the Committee in accordance with the statutory provisions.


10.1        The Club shall each year during the month of January or February hold a general meeting as its AGM in addition to any other meeting in that year and shall specify the meetings such in the notice calling it. Fourteen days’ notice of an AGM shall be given to all Members. The AGM shall be at such time and place as the Committee shall appoint.   Fifteen months must not elapse without an AGM.

10.2      The Committee shall whenever they think fit convene a general meeting upon not less than fourteen days’ notice.

10.3       The Committee shall on the written request of whichever is the least of thirty Members of the Club or one fifth of the total Members of the Club entitled to attend and vote at the AGM forthwith be able to convene an AGM.

10.4      At any general meeting of the Club all Members present in person shall have one vote.  The Chairman has the casting vote for purposes of the meeting.

10.5      No Member under the age of 18 years shall have a vote relating to the bar of the Club, and as such shall not be eligible to stand for Committee.

10.6      No business shall be transacted at any general meeting unless a quorum of Members is present at the time when the meeting commences business, save as herein otherwise provided.   NOTE   – 25 Members present in person shall be a quorum.

10.7        If within half an hour of the time appointed for the general meeting a quorum is not present, the meeting, if convened upon the requisition of Members shall be dissolved.  In any other case it shall stand adjourned until the same day in the next week at the same time and place as the Committee may determine and if at the replacement meeting for the adjourned meeting a quorum is not present within half an hour from the appointed time for the meeting, the Members present shall be a quorum.


11.1       No money or property of the Club or any gain arising from the running of the Club may be applied otherwise than for benefit of the Club as a whole or for some charitable, beneficial or political purpose or purposes chosen by resolution of a general meeting.

12.         ACCOUNTS

12.1       The bank account of the Club shall be in the name of the Club.  All monies shall be paid into the Club bank account.  No payments shall be made until sanctioned by the Committee. Resulting cheques will require two signatures from the Officers of the Committee. The financial year of the Club shall end on December 31st in each year and the accounts shall be completed, audited and published on the notice board of the Club within such time as may be reasonable thereafter.  Any Club Member may obtain a copy of the Statement of the Accounts upon request to the Secretary of the Club.

12.2      The Treasurer shall maintain a correct account of all monies received and paid and shall be responsible for all such other accounting as may be necessary for the efficient running of the Club.   They shall present to each Committee meeting a monthly statement of bank balance and cash holdings, and present to the AGM a financial statement showing income and expenditure for the period under review together with an account of balance outstanding in the Club’s name at the Club’s bank account.

13.          RESIGNATION

13.1       Any Committee Member desiring to resign must give the Secretary of the Club notice in writing.

14.        GUESTS

14.1      Members shall be permitted to introduce guests, subject to such regulations or bylaws as shall be made from time to time by the Committee.  A visitors’ book shall be kept on the Club premises in which both the Member and the guest’s signatures are recorded.    Members must accompany their guest at all times and are responsible for their guest’s behaviour, and at all times strictly observing the Club Rules

14.2      No guest shall be permitted to enter the Club premises on the day of the AGM until the meeting is terminated.

14.3      No person whose previous membership has been terminated for any reason whatsoever under the Rules shall at any time be introduced as a guest, or allowed on Club premises, or be allowed for Club membership.

 15.         DISCIPLINE

15.1       The Committee shall have power to suspend (for a pre-determined period) or expel any Member whose conduct they shall consider injurious to the welfare of the Club provided that a special meeting of the Committee is called for the purpose.  Members do have right of appeal but after the appeal has been considered the Committee’s decision is final.

15.2       No notice shall be exhibited in the Club premises or in any way brought to the notice of members without the previous approval of the Committee and no Member shall interfere with, deface or alter any such notice which may be exhibited, without the approval of the Committee.

15.3      All complaints shall be made in the first instance to the Secretary of the Club. Any such complaint may be placed before the Committee at the option of either the Secretary of the Club or the Member concerned.   In either case, the Member shall submit his complaint in writing addressed to the chairman of the Club.

16.         LOST PROPERTY

16.1       Any article or money found on the ground or premises of the Club shall be deemed for the time being to be the property of the Club and must be handed by the finder to the Secretary of the Club, or any Member of the Committee

17.          ALL YEAR BOATING

17.1    The Club shall be open for boating all year, except for working weekends between 9am and 4pm when the Club shall be closed for boating.   Night fishing is permitted in the summer months by arrangement with the Committee and dependent on weather conditions.  Special Rules will apply to boating during the winter months and they are as follows:

(a)  The outer gate of the Club premises must be kept locked at all times.

(b)  The coastguard must be informed when boating is taking place and the crew of the last but one boat to return must wait for the last boat.  The crew of the last boat to return must inform the coastguard of the safe return of all boats and must ensure that all gates and locker doors are locked.

(c)   All boats must be back on the beach one hour before lighting up time or the time stated on the notice board.

18.          SAFETY

18.1       The Committee has the power to close the Club at any time for boating or any other activities, if conditions could endanger the health and safety of its Members and the general public.

  • The Committee has the power to terminate any activities if the Club’s equipment and/or its reputation may be in danger or compromised.
  • Members must at all times consider all health and safety issues relating to themselves, fellow Members and Members of the general public.
  • Members must always consider the reputation of the Club in all their activities.

18.2      To ensure the correct safety precautions are being adhered to, periodical safety checks will be made throughout the season on Members’ boats. All boat and tractor insurance documents must be up to date. This is the members’ responsibility. Failure to have sufficient insurance in the event of an incident could result in membership termination and may have financial implications.

The following items must be carried on board boats:

(a)         A lifejacket to be carried for each person in the boat (young children must wear lifejackets at all times when at sea).

(b)         Oars, paddles or an auxiliary engine (dependent upon the type of craft) must be carried.

(c)          All craft must carry flares in a waterproof container.

(d)         All craft must carry a compass and suitable fire extinguisher.

(e)          Each craft must have an efficient anchor, with at least 300ft of suitable rope.

Failure to comply with any of these requirements will result in the Member being refused access   to the slope. Remember – the Safety Officer’s word is final.

19.         CLUB TRACTORS

19.1       Tractors to be driven only by Members who hold a Club driving permit.

19.2       Before using a tractor, Members must ensure that the water and oil are at the correct levels and that there is an adequate supply of fuel in the tank.

19.3       Members must not allow anyone to ride as passenger on the Club tractors.  The only exception to this rule will be the Committee Member, when giving a tractor driving test.

19.4      Tractors must not be taken into the sea any deeper than the rear wheel rim.

19.5        Tractors must be returned to the compound before putting to sea.

19.6      Tractors must be on the beach for the minimum period possible.

19.7      Tractors are not allowed out of the compound (except down the slope) unless on Club business or with the permission of a Committee Member.

19.8      A Committee Member should assist the first launch of a new Member to give instruction and aid.  Members should not float their boats off and on their trailers.


All private tractors in North Cliff Boat Club’s compound are left at their owners’ own risk. No liability will be accepted by the Club.

20.1       Before a private tractor is allowed on the Club premises, application must be made in writing to the Club Secretary, and if accepted the current annual fee must be paid.

20.2      All tractors must be adequately insured for third party and individual drivers. Insurance documents must be recorded by the Committee Safety Officer.

20.3        Private tractor drivers must be a member and have passed the Club tractor test.

20.4      Private tractor drivers must not allow anyone to ride as passenger on their tractor.

20.5      Only 2 spare tyres (front and back) will be allowed to be kept on Club property.

20.6      The Club will not be responsible for any repairs or supply of fuel.

20. 7      The Club will not be responsible for any damage or theft.

20.8       Two Club tractors must be operational before private tractors can be used.

20.9       First gear only to be engaged whilst on the slope or in the compound.

20.10     Private tractor owners will be held responsible for any damage caused to Club or Members’ property by their tractors.

20.11     A set of spare keys is to be made available in case of emergencies.

20.12    Tractors must not be parked within 150 metres of the slope whilst on the beach and must be immobilized.

20.13    Tractors must not obstruct any part of the road around the compound.

20.14    Tractors must not obstruct or impede another Member’s boat berth.

21.         GENERAL RULES

21.1       Any fault or breakage to Club property or equipment must be reported to a Member of the Committee.

21.2        Cars are allowed into the compound only to unload heavy equipment and must be removed as quickly as possible.

21.3      No vehicle other than tractors may use the slope without the permission of a Committee Member.

21.4      Boats must be on the beach at least half an hour before lighting up time as defined in the local press and they may not launch during the hours of darkness as defined by the hours of lighting up time.

21.5      The Club premises and amenities must not be used for commercial enterprise.

21.6      All the current bylaws enforced by North Eastern Sea Fisheries Committee that are applicable to our Members’ fishing activities are adopted and enforced by the Club.

21.7        The number of crab pots per boat is limited to ten and is covered in Bylaw XX11.  Members must apply for a permit to fish pots in our area.  Minimum sizes for Whitefish and Shellfish species and correct use of nets including mesh sizes, are also covered in these bylaws.  Members must observe all these bylaws as the Rules of the Club.  A Bylaws Booklet and permit application forms are available from:

North Eastern Sea Fisheries Committee: Town Hall,

Bridlington, Y016 4LP.

Telephone: 01482 393690.

Anyone needing assistance in complying with the above should ask a Member of the Committee.

All nets must be cleaned at sea if possible or if sea conditions do not allow this, on the beach, so undersize species can be returned to the sea.   Under no circumstances must nets be cleaned in the boat compound.

21.8      A 10mph speed limit is imposed on all approach roads to the Club.

21.9    The main gate must be locked at all times.  (Extra keys will be available to Members at £5 each.)

21.10    The water heating system, generator and access to the tractor shed is under the strict control of the Committee.

21.11    Dogs must be kept on a leash and under control at all times when on Club premises, and any fouling must be cleaned up by the owner. Dogs deemed dangerous by the committee must be muzzled.

21.12     No uninsured motorcycles may be used on the Club property or slope.

21.13     No excessive noise after midnight.

21.14    At all times guests must be accompanied by a Member of the Club.

21.15     No scrap or rubbish is to be left on Club property.

21.16     Long serving Members who no longer feel able to go to sea will not need to continue to be boat owners in order to maintain their membership of the Club and caravan entitlement.  However, this is at the discretion of the Committee.

21.17    Details of any Club property which needs to be disposed of is to be placed on the Club notice board for Members to purchase if required. No purchase will have any liability connected to the Club

21 .18   Children are not allowed in the boatyard without adult supervision.

22.          BOAT BERTH RULES

22.1       All boats/watercraft must have adequate insurance for intended use.

22.2       All spare anchors or any other equipment, which may cause injury, must be stored in a safe and tidy manner.

22.3       Members must not allow their equipment to encroach on to an adjacent berth.

22.4      If a Member gives another person permission to use their equipment, and -it is not stored away correctly, then the Member is still responsible: it is the Member’s berth.

22.5      No Member is allowed to transfer their boat to another berth without permission from the Committee berth master.

22.6      Members must not interfere with any other boats or equipment which do not belong to them, unless given authority to do so, or there is a danger of someone being injured.  In the case of the latter this must be reported to a Committee Member.

22. 7      If there is any problem/complaint in the boat compound then the berth master or any Committee member may be asked to help resolve it.

22.8      All crab/lobster pots must be stored in a manner where they cannot cause problems to other Club Members.  All berths to be kept tidy at all times.

Failure to comply with the above Rules may result in a Member losing their berth and in extreme cases, possibly membership.  All Members have a duty to ensure that any boat or watercraft and equipment they bring into the boat compound cannot cause injury or harm to anyone.  General neglect of berth or poor condition of boats or watercraft and equipment is the responsibility of the Members; any suit or grievance resulting from this will be the Member’s liability and not the Club’s.

23.        LOCKER RULES

23.1       Members who require lockers must first make their request known to the Locker Officer, who will enter their name onto the locker list.

23.2      Locker owners must not store any fuel tanks or inflammable liquids in their lockers.

23.3      Locker owners must not store anything above their lockers.

This is a requirement of our Fire Certificate.

23.4     Lockers must not be exchanged between Members unless first authorised by the Locker Officer.


24.1      All of these rules apply to all Members of the Club and does not exclude any Members of the current Committee.

24.2      Any question on a matter not covered by the foregoing Rules and Regulations, or any question with regard to the interpretation of these Rules or of any bylaws shall be determined by the Committee, whose decision shall be final.

24.3      The Committee reserves the right to add or change any rule relating to the Club, which will then be submitted for approval by the Members at the next AGM.

24.4      These Rules may be added to, repealed or amended at any General Meeting by resolutions agreed by the majority vote of at least two thirds of the ordinary Members present and voting.

NCBC  Club Rules – February 2019